Best Urologist in JayaNagar


Best Urology Doctor in Bangalore

Dr Uday Bhaskar

Specializes in Urologist, Experience 20 Years, 

Has an extensive more than 20 years of experience in the complex urology surgeries. Like Laser turps for prostate enlargement, prostate cancer surgeries by Robot, kidney stones, urinary complaints, sexual problems (male erectile dysfunction) and urethral srictures.

Post MCH Urologist & Andrologist, seeking a consultant post with experience in endourology ,uro gynaecology  ,Laproscopic ,Robotic and open urology, both benign and oncology.

Professional experience:

Worked as assistant professor in PES Medical College, in department of surgery, post MS general surgery for one year. During the MCH course, trained in endourology,open surgeries and laparoscopic surgeries. Best Urologist in Banashankari Worked in transplant team under Dr Sunil Shroff, for period of three years. During which was trained in donor nephrectomies,recipient bed preparation ,renal transplants and av fistula creation. Trained in uro oncology like ( TURBT,nephrectomies and radical cystectomies).Performed more than 6500 urological surgeries.


Work Experience:

Worked at Fortis hospital for 2 yrs, done good number of laser turps ,laser turbts ,nephrectomies (radical and partial) , Laproscopic surgeries. Part of renal transplant team, done good number of donor nephrectomies and also recipients. Good number of radical prostatectomies and radical cystectomies (with ileal conduit and neobladder) performed. PCNL and MINI PCNLs.Good experince in female urology (TVT &TOT),  VVF repairs , Boari Flaps for uretro vaginal fistulas, Hymenoplasties, urethroplasties for stricture urethra and andrology (penile prosthesis for erectile dysfunction). Best Urologist in JP Nagar, Varicocelectomies and vas reconstruction for infertility.

Presently working at  HCG health care as consultant  uro oncologist , Robotic and renal transplant surgeon .Performed  good number of  robotic  and  laparoscopic  surgeries. Best Urologist in JayaNagar,Performed more than 150 robotic sugeries, like radical prostatectomy,radical cystectomy and partial nephrectomy.




  • Article published in Times of india paper on 7 th march 2015 for operating on a pregnant lady with a 9 kg renal tumor .
  • Articles Published In Scientific Journals and presentations.
  • Synchronous malignancies of different histologies (under process).
  • Presentations: Video paper presentation on ectopic ureter (USICON 2011)Charecterisation of renal calculi in diabetics (USICON 2012).
  • Synchronous malignancies of different histologies (USICON 2012) Renal transplant in cardiac compromised (USICON 2013).
  • Role of Laser Endopylotomy in PUJ obstruction (AUA 2013) Role of diode laser turp in management of BPH (USICON 2014).
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