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Stricture urethra

It is narrowing of the urinary passage secondary to a trauma or infection 

Age of occurence is more common in young people 

STDs are one of the commonest cause. Trauma to the urinary tract during a road traffic accident can also cause this . 

Symptoms—decreased speed of urine ,repeated urinary infections. burning while passing urine. Pain while ejaculation and having intercourse. some times blood in urine also. 

Investigations : urine routine ,urine culture ,uroflowmetry to acess the urinary speed . 

Retrograde urethrogram or ascending urethrogram. 


Normal urethra

Treatment : once diagnosed the point strictures can be treated by VIU LASER

Long strictures and recurrent ones are treated by urethroplasty

Renal stones

These are one of the commonest problems seen in the general population.

The incidence has increased due to the lifestyle stress and consumption of junk food.

Types of stones are

Calcium oxolate

Calcium phosphate

Uric acid

Cystine stones

Reasons for stone formation

Decreased water intake.

Increased salt intake

More cosumption of protiens in the form of red meat and protien suppliments

Family history of stones,obesity

Imbalance betweeen inhibitors of stone formation like citrate ,magnesuim and stone forming agents like uric acid ,calcium and oxolate




Severe Pain in the back which radiates to the groin


Burning while passing urine

Blood in urine


Ultrasound scan

CT KUB scan


Pcnl :this is done for large renal stones 



Drink upto 3 liters of water

Reduce meat and salt intake

Healty lifestyle

Prostate enlargement

What is it

Prostate is in all males, its function is to provide volume to semen and secrete nutrients to the sperms.


The prostate keeps growing in size with age and due some of harmonal changes in males.usualy it is of a wallnut size.



Increased passing of urine during nights (nocturia)

Increased freqvency

Decreased flow of urine

Straining to void or pass urine

Sense of incomplete emptying of bladder

Post void dribble

Burning while passing urine

Repeated urine infections

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